Ramon International Science Communication Conference


20:00-23:30 [IST]|13:00-16:30 [EST]

Hili Shapiro

Former Educational Volunteer Manager at SpaceIL
Hili graduated with honors from the IDC Herzliya, with a Bachelor of Law – LL.B & Bachelor of Business Administration and Management – and B.A. Majors at Digital Marketing & Social Community management. During her studies Hili managed the team of roughly 200 volunteer lecturers who spoke about SpaceIL’s mission at events around the country. Hili also manages the “Spacers – Talking about space” Facebook community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpaceandScienceActivities) which promotes space education. Additionally, Hili is a digital marketing consultant at “Tevel - Herzliya” which is a program that brings high school students together to build satellites.