Ramon International Science Communication Conference


20:00-23:30 [IST]|13:00-16:30 [EST]

Dr. Yakov Faerman

Astrophysicist, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yakov completed his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics at Tel Aviv University in 2011. He continued to a PhD program in Astrophysics with Prof. Amiel Sternberg at TAU, studying galaxy formation and focusing on the properties of diffuse gas around galaxies. Since 2017 he has been doing postdoctoral research at the Racah Institute of Physics, HUJI. During his PhD, Yakov was part of the TAU Astroclub team, organizing astronomy talks, stargazing sessions and public events. This was fun and today he continues to be active in similar astronomy outreach projects at HUJI. When not thinking about galaxies, he is likely to be found reading or walking around attempting photography of nature and the night sky.