Ramon International Science Communication Conference


20:00-23:30 [IST]|13:00-16:30 [EST]

Donald G. James

former Assoc. Administrator of Education, NASA

Donald began his 35-year career at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  He transferred to NASA’s Ames Research Center in 1984 serving in a variety of roles in Public Affairs, Government Relations, and Education.

Career hi-lites:  co-leading Ames’ open house (1997), attracting a record-breaking quarter-million visitors; serving as Education Director from 1999 to 2006; developing the project plan for the Orion spacecraft (2006); and leading NASA’s  bid to host the International Space University’s 2009 Summer Program.  

James entered the Senior Executive Service in 2014.  In July 2014, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden selected James as Associate Administrator for Education.  James retired March 2017.  James co-founded a technology start-up company, serves on the board of an education Foundation, helps companies interested in doing business with NASA, and offers mentorship to students and early-career professionals.

His forthcoming book, “Manners Will Take You Where Brains and Money Won’t:  Lessons from 35 years at NASA and Momma’s Wisdom” will be released February 2nd.